Goombay Adventurers, Inc. was formed in 1988 and has been conducting outdoor
adventure programs and team sports for adults and youths in the Washington, D.C.

The primary goal of Goombay is to:

  • Expose people to new and nontraditional outdoor activities and sports.
  • Provide a venue for people to network with those who share the same outdoor
  • Enhance its participants self-confidence, strength, teamwork and overall health
  • We provide quality and rewarding activities in a fun, yet safe environment.

We also realize that participating in a sport or adventure activity can really be appreciated if an individual is knowledgeable about all aspects of the activity. Thus, we offer instructional
courses emphasizing the fundamentals of safety, technique, and environmental awareness. We are committed to ensuring that our activities are abundant with excitement and challenges that will leave its participants with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

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